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Choosing Insulation Companies: Fort Wayne, Indiana & Area Humidity Challenges

insulation companies Fort Wayne

M.Y. Insulation provides spray foam insulation services for the Fort Wayne, Indiana area and beyond. We’re local to the area and know the ins and outs of Indiana’s weather, which means we know just how to protect your home against this state’s humid summers and chilly winters. We’re the answer when choosing insulation companies! Fort Wayne and other Indiana communities face specific home insulation challenges that our professional technicians are prepared to meet.

Humidity & Indiana Insulation

Indiana generally experiences a humid continental climate with moderate to high levels of humidity throughout the year. Summers tend to be the most humid, especially in July and August, with average humidity levels often exceeding 70 percent. Even in the winter, humidity levels average 50 to 60 percent. What does that mean for your indoor climate? Basically, constant environmental humidity means that water condensation can sneak in between the walls of your home and eventually cause structural damage and mold. Humidity can also raise the temperature inside your home.

There are two great ways to prevent humidity damage and unwanted heat: sealing external leaks and using high-quality spray foam insulation in walls, floors and attic spaces. At M.Y. Insulation, we use two kinds of spray foam—open cell and closed cell—to best fit tiny, hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, and large open spaces that need insulation. Indiana homes are prone to mold once damp moves in, so keep an eye out for problem areas around water pipes, basement walls and attic spaces. Mold will need to be treated and the area sealed. Keep things fresh with airflow, and deal with excess humidity with a dehumidifier.

How to Prevent Household Humidity? Indiana Insulation is Key

Once your home is leakproof, the main issue caused by Indiana’s natural humidity is that of heat transfer. Air with more moisture transfers and carries heat much more easily than dry air, so humid months can make for sweltering temperatures indoors. That’s where good insulation comes in! Insulation such as spray foam or cellulose not only keeps your home warm in the winter, but it keeps it cool in the summer, too. A good layer of insulation will create a barrier between the outside temperature and your indoor space, so you’ll be able to keep it climate-controlled more efficiently and effectively.

Whether you’re building a house from scratch or looking for better insulation coverage in your existing home, M.Y. Insulation is here for you! Contact us for all your insulation needs in the Indiana and Michigan areas, so we can fight mold and humidity together.

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